What is iPayOn?

iPayOn is the easiest and fastest way for retail merchants to access services such as international airtime top-ups, local top-ups, calling cards, DHL courier services, National Express tickets, train tickets, flight tickets and many other ancillary services. With the iPayOn wallet, customers can top-up their accounts within our partner retail stores or online allowing enabling them to top up their family and friends’ prepaid mobile phones abroad, make bill payments abroad or enjoy local services but from the convenience of your home and at a time that suits you.

When your balance runs out simply visit your local iPayOn retail agent or top up online –No forms, no fuss and no unnecessary documents.

You don’t have to download or configure any complicated software. All you need to get started is access to a web browser and a functioning internet connection whether it’s a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Either register or login at myaccount.ipayon.com or visit your local iPayOn retailer to get started.

AniPayOn account requires absolutely no development and can be set up and launched within few minutes* (subject to internal approval & pre-top up).

What products can I buy using iPayOn?

iPayOn provides a range of products to retail networksincluding:


Is it cheaper to use iPayOn?

iPayOn’s top-up prices are the same as those of the leading mobile service providers. The benefit of using the iPayOn wallet is that of convenience and reach. You can use iPayOn to make top-ups anytime, anywhere, instantly via a web browser or through your local iPayOn retailer.


How will I get updated on all offers, promotions?

Subject to your approval, we will send you regular text messages on your registered mobile number to update you on the latest and most relevant promotions and offers. We will also be regularly posting updates and promotions on our website, Facebook page and Twitter page.

How much does iPayOn cost to set-up and register?

Opening an iPayOnaccount is absolutely free. There are no monthly fees or setup costs. We will only charge you, the customer, for the products you buy via our account as per rates mentioned on your price module. Your prepaid account will then be automatically debited for the prices listed.

Can I send top-upsfor my friends using my iPayOnaccout?

Yes, you can send or offer such a facility to your friends and family by sending and charging them the same prices that we charge you. Some operators will not allow you to over price or amend prices and you should check with our customer service for any questions or queries.

How do I use all your services on my phone?

It's very easy. We will be happy to offer you demo in person, over phone or you could visit your local iPayOn retailer.

How can I contact customer service?

You can reach us via email at customers@ipayon.com or 07778880404 between8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Sunday